Students with Asthma, Diabetes and Anaphylaxis


  • Students who have Asthma, Diabetes and Anaphylaxis, should make immediate contact with the nurse.  Parents should stop by to see the nurse during the registration process to get the needed paperwork completed.  Each school year these students need a Self-Medicating Packet on file with the nurse.  This packet has a form for the parent, student, and prescribing physician to sign.  These students will also have anIHP (Individual Health Plan) developed each year for their condition. Students who have the above named conditions and who have the completed paperwork on file will be allowed to carry their medication with them.  These medications are:

    ·         Inhalers

    ·         Insulin & equipment needed to administer

    ·         Glucose Meter

    ·         Glucagon Pen

    ·         Epinephrine Pen

    These students must follow all the guidelines in the Self-Medicating Packet.  Any student found non-compliant with the guidelines will have to keep his/her medication with the nurse.  For the safety of your student and other students, it is in the best interest of everyone for these students to act responsibly with their medical needs.

    (Printable Forms/Self-Medicating Paperwork):

    (must have one copy each)    

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